We pride ourselves on creating a relationship-based business that is grounded in partnership. We offer a unique work environment, cultivating a tight knit team that combines positivity and an ambitious drive. The energy in our offices is palpable and leaves our customers inspired. Revello prides itself on providing clients with a warm, productive and professional experience. Come visit our studio for memorable hospitality and endless creativity.

About our Founders

Father­-daughter duo Ariana and Jack have brought forth their synergistic skill­sets to launch Revello. Their life altering challenges propelled them to pioneer and create a holistic approach to work, blurring the line between business and pleasure. The founders strive to create meaningful relationships with their employees, suppliers and most of all their clientele. Ariana grew up immersed in the jewelry industry exposed to her father’s worldwide business trips and vast production and sourcing expertise. After studying design at Parsons and living in Paris, Ariana wanted to create her own fresh work culture.

Ariana is the visionary and creative leader providing Revello with elevated designs and unique offerings for the contemporary marketplace. Jack’s big picture vision, managerial expertise, unsurpassed determination and innate intuition for business development are hard at work on the back-end so that the company always operates smoothly and efficiently.

Together Jack and Ariana have cultivated a stellar team who bring the perfect balance to the workplace sharing their passion and drive to succeed.